Service to others (and to yourself)

Who says you can’t serve others and serve yourself?

If you only serve yourself, you’re selfish.  If you only serve others; if your life is lived for others, is that living?  What about a happy medium?

These are some of the questions (just some) I’ve asked myself (and the universe) when I first started out on my entrepreneurial journey.  Throughout the years of learning about myself and my biz savvy, I realized it’s perfectly OK to do what you feel is right for you, even if it’s not ‘the norm’ or expected.  For me, there was just something wrong with a lot of the information out there for entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

There are tons of people out there who have become wealthy using their tactics, to promote and sell their products and services.  I’ve followed many successful business leaders over the years and have learned valuable lessons from them.  Many of the lessons involve you focusing on yourself.  Not so much in a greedy or selfish way, but to focus more so on yourself than others, in order to make a sale. I even applied many of their strategies, to create my own wealth and success, but noticed I kept failing every time.  Something just didn’t feel right…

Why weren’t their strategies working for me?  Was I not meant to be rich?

Then I took another approach.  I then focused on giving, giving, giving.  I gave so much of myself; my knowledge, my energy, my power that I became so depleted.  I thought by giving I would eventually find people who would love working with me so much, they would pay me eventually.  They never did. And giving so much didn’t feel right either.  I now see it wasn’t the giving that failed, but the approach; the way I gave and the reason for doing so.

I had to find a way that worked for me, between giving to others and receiving for myself.

I changed my strategy.  I focused, instead, on what made me happy.  What lights me up?  I enjoy helping people but not giving so much of myself that I get nothing in return.  Money is not the end game for me.  If I won the lotto tomorrow, I would still be doing what I love; which is working here, on this website, on my blog, on my videos.  That lights me up.  What lights me up even more is the energy I receive from you guys.  I receive love; support, messages of encouragement.  You let me know what I do matters to you.  What I said helped you in some way.  And yes, I also do appreciate the love energy you give me, in the form of money.  The exchange of currency is just another exchange of energy.

I highly doubt money is the end game for you.  And I don’t know what would work for you, as far as that success (and wealth) you are seeking. However, if you’ve been following along, I bet you would find yourself much closer to your purpose, to what lights you up, if you give more than receive.  Remember, the trick to it is giving with purpose.

Let’s think of giving and receiving in terms of POWER.  Naturally we assume that the person who receives the most, has the most power.  The person who is receiving has the control. However, I believe it’s the person who gives the most who is truly a master.

I believe that true power comes from the ability to surrender, not the ability to control.

True Power

When you give with purpose; when you give because it lights you up to do so, you are surrendering to the person/people you give to.  You are surrendering your love to them.  You are giving with an open heart.  When you give with and in alignment with your purpose, you are going to receive in alignment as well.

It makes sense.  If I am selling you something just for the money, and you buy it, I made the sale today, but what about tomorrow?  I didn’t give with love and so I won’t receive love in return.  Eventually the exchange will die out.  And by then, my credibility will be done.  Who will buy from me then? We see this all the time with people who want you to invest in a scam or scheme.  You no longer trust this person because there is no love in their intentions.

Because I gave and continue to give with love, in everything I do here, I receive the love in return in many different forms.

What do you think?  Have you experienced this in your journey as an entrepreneur (and business owner)?

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Thank you!

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