Lord please let me win the lotto

Lord have mercy! Lord, Lord, Lord.  Please let me win the lotto…even a small part of it.  I don’t mind being 1 out of 100 winners; it’s all good. $100,000.000 can last a long time for me.  Or hey, how about sending me a dream with maybe 4 out of 5, of the winning numbers?  I’ll take whatever I can get.

I don’t know if I can do this.  I love writing, I love sharing, I love teaching.  I love creating things…those are the easy aspects of doing what I love.  The hard part; the sucky, challenging, scary, annoying, frustrating, anxiety-inducing part is the business stuff.  The analyzing, the strategizing, the marketing, the SELLING…sheesh!  Is this a me thing?  Am I doomed to always break into a cold sweat when I have promote myself?  Will I always be cursed to stuttering when someone asks me what I do?

Oh Lord and then the learning.  I used to love school and learning new things.  Now when I sign up for a business class…I can’t sit still.  I feel like jumping out of my skin.  If I hear or read about one more thing to help me sell something…lord give me patience!  What kind of business owner am I?

When someone asks me about my prices, I feel like telling them to close their eyes, so I have enough time to run and hide!

I see other biz owners and they seem so flawless.  I know they have flaws and yes, I know it took them time to perfect their pitch and image.  And yes I know I am perfect just the way I am, but I don’t feel perfect.

Following your dreams; you learn so much about life and about yourself.  The lessons and experiences are so rewarding, but what you don’t hear about is the pain and the stress.  The difference between doing this and working a job you hate, is that while going after your dream may drive you crazy, it still moves you.  It still draws you in and compels you to, somehow, muster the strength to keep going.

But seriously though, how about just 3 out of 5 numbers then?


please lotto

What are your thoughts?