Life Detour

This month has been in full swing with the life lessons.  I started off strong, knowing exactly what I wanted to do.  Things got a bit rocky in the middle of the month, and then BOOM!  Now I’m off course…or so I thought.


I previously shared with you all that I’m packing up my stuff and traveling this summer.  I gave up my room, and am currently in the middle of sorting through all my stuff; what to take, what not to take?  I told you that I’d share with you where I’d be going…I was debating between Spain and Mexico (both places I’ve visited and love).  Never did I think the place I’d be headed off to would be New York.

New York is my first home.  I was born and raised there, and left all of my family and friends there when I moved out west.  I no longer consider it my home; it’s more of a place to visit for me…a stop along the way.  On April 30th, I’ll be heading out there to see what life has in store for me.

While traveling outside of the US is still on my to-do list this summer, I want to see what blessings are coming my way in New York.  You see, I’m going because I’ve been greeted with a little kink in the road; family.  I’m going back to my first home to take care of some things there and make sure my family’s OK…better than OK in fact.

I feel unsettled though.  I didn’t get my way and it hurts.  I thought everything was so clearly laid out for me, then something happens and it kind of throws you off track.  A part of me still wishes I could go on with my original plans, but I’ve learned the hard way that fighting the flow hurts more.  So I’m slowly surrendering to the plan God has in store for me.

This break could be my next breakthrough.

If a small part of me feels challenged, scared, uncertain, then I choose for the majority of me to trust in the Divine plan.  I choose to believe that there’s a great purpose for me, and a great blessing in this detour.  I’m not off track, I’m on a new and better track.

I choose to go with the flow.

When life throws you lemons, have a margarita??


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