Instagram vs Snapchat

Hey guys! So today I want to discuss marketing on two social media ‘heavy-hitters’; Instagram and Snapchat. I want to share with you how using both are going to help boost your business’s visibility, which will in turn boost your sales.

Instagram vs Snapchat

In my opinion there really is no competition between Instagram and Snapchat; on the contrary, I think they work very well together. Now, if you’re looking for an effective way to market your business without breaking the bank then you need Instagram. Do you need Snapchat as well? Not at all. However, if you are thinking of using it, or currently use it, consider incorporating it alongside Instagram.

So how can your snaps help you on Instagram?

  • You can take screenshots of the various filters and features you use on your snaps, and share them on Instagram. You can also share the videos to your Insta feed.
  • You can tell your friends and followers on SC to check you out on Insta…tell them your username. You can do the same on Insta (asking them to follow you on SC). Using this tactic will build up your following on both apps.
  • You can continue the story…so let’s say you share an interesting post on Insta. Tell your followers to check out the continuation on SC. For example, let’s say you’re a makeup artist. You can share a “before” picture of a client on Insta, and show your followers the tools you’ll be working with. Ask your followers to see the “in progress” and “after” videos on SC. Then you can create snaps showing your followers the process, and then the ‘after’. Then, the following day you can share screenshots or short clips of the process/after from SC onto your Insta feed. It’s all about reusing your content!

As a business owner on social media your main job is NOT to sell…it’s to share your story. So both Instagram and Snapchat are super effective at helping you share your story in fun ways; always giving your audience a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse. This is so important to do as a business owner because people want to get to know you FIRST before buying from you, so sharing your story builds trust. Going back to the makeup artist example; you can share daily videos of your personal makeup routine. You can show color swatches of new makeup you’ve purchased. You can show tips for newbie makeup artists, etc…Please consider making Instagram one of your go-to marketing outlets (if you haven’t already done so), and learn the 5 MUST HAVES for your business on Instagram! Once you get familiar with marketing on Insta, consider using another social media app (such as SC) to boost your visibility…basically building interest on your products and services via another channel.

If your business is of a visual or artistic nature (such as a musician, makeup artist, photographer, travel blogger, crafts, workouts, etc) I recommend giving SC a try and seeing how it can help lead traffic back to you…ALWAYS lead traffic back to your website, products and services!

For the record, I do not currently use Snapchat. I don’t feel I need it for my business right now. You don’t need to use every single social media outlet available for business; I actually recommend picking top two (no more than three) to market yourself on, otherwise it kind of waters down your brand…more on that another time.

If you currently use the Instagram and Snapchat combo for business, let me know in the comments below how it’s helped boost your sales.

What are your thoughts?