Instagram testing new Business Profiles

Instagram is *testing* new business profiles…They are steering towards becoming more and more like Facebook (in this case, close to Facebook pages), which I think will be a big mistake for them if they’re not careful. I like(d) their uniqueness; if I want to use Facebook I’ll go to that app. I’m not looking for another FB with Insta. But they are taking things slow, so we shall see.

The testing phase for the business profiles includes various features. such as analytics to help you see things like where your traffic is coming from, information on your followers, etc…these features will make your life a little easier in the end because then Insta can be like a one-stop shop for your data.


I question what having a *business* profile, as opposed to a regular profile will mean for your usability and visibility on Insta. For starters, will Instagram for business owners continue to be free, or will they eventually charge a fee for the shiny new features you’ll get with a business profile? How will the hashtag feeds look for business profiles vs regular profiles? How will your followers receive your content? Will there be competition for visibility?

One of my main concerns is that, if Insta separates business profiles from regular profiles (especially if it’s required for you to distinguish yourself), will it become harder for you to build trust with your audience? People don’t like to be sold to. One of the main tips I share in my “5 MUST HAVES FOR YOUR BUSINESS ON INSTAGRAM” tutorial is that you should use a picture of yourself versus a logo…why? Because someone is much more likely to read your bio and check out your feed, because they see you as a PERSON over a business entity. 

For now, Instagram is still my boo. 


It’s free, easy to use, has millions of users worldwide, and is a great way to promote your business on a budget. But if they are not careful; if they forget about the original reason the community is on there in the first place…they will lose folks quickly. New apps are being created all the time and everyone is ready to jump ship when things go south. When they tried to change their feed structure (with the Insta algorithm), most users hated the idea and complained…A LOT. Now Instagram has changed its logo, and once again, people are unimpressed…and they wonder, what was the point of that? The old icon was beautiful. And now this new feature? I don’t know…I feel like they are looking at the dollar signs versus the user experience. Guys, please stop and take a moment to truly assess your users’ needs. Please don’t forget about us! I will keep you posted; let’s see if this change will be actually implemented and when.

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  • Marketing trends are always evolving and if this change takes place, people will start into looking to other ways of marketing their businesses. This already happened when Facebook rolled out their change in the algorithm and people began to switch from FB pages to Groups with the purpose of marketing. On Instagram I wonder if starting a Snapchat account would be the right move; SC is still in an early phase and will take a few years to have this kind of control over feed.

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