I know where your MONEY goes part 1

I know where your MONEY goes…towards bullshit, that’s where –__–
I spoke with a friend recently who told me “I don’t know where my money goes“. I think most people are familiar with this phrase and that’s because they feel they are POWERLESS with their money. They believe they have no control over their money. That is an illusion. You have FULL CONTROL over what receive.


So I ask my friend, what’s your daily routine like? She tells me “I go to work using my unlimited MetroCard for the month. Then when I get to work I buy a coffee and sometimes a bagel. Then if I don’t bring lunch I buy something. After work I usually buy something to take home, like chips”. Uh huh, OK. So then I ask her how much do you spend on average per day? On lunch and snacks? She tells me at least $10 per day. So I tell her, there’s your money. In a month you spend a MINIMUM of $300 on snacks and other BS. Imagine what you can do with an extra $300 in your pocket??

Guys she looked at me as if I performed a magic trick. She was completely dumbfounded. She had NO IDEA,  literally, where her money went. She was so used to this comfortable space of LACK that she had no clue what she was even spending on. I took out a piece of paper and asked her to list ALL of her monthly bills. Everything she pays. List what the bill was for, when it needed to be paid and how much. Next I asked her to PRIORITIZE her bills.

I want you to do the same thing. Make the list and then assign a number next to each bill, starting with the most important (as #1). In my opinion your rent is the most important; whatever you pay to maintain the NECESSARY in your home, because everyone needs shelter. Now, I only want you to count what you pay for in rent (if it includes utilities, cool). If you pay for utilities separately (keep in mind Netflix is not a utility), such as electricity, water, trash, etc…list those too.

Really sit down and take time to do this. This is the PERFECT time to do this activity because January and the new year represents open doors. Let go of what no longer serves you (and guys, LACK doesn’t serve anyone) in order to create space for what you truly want. I bet you have some things on that list that are NOT priorities and are no longer serving you.

My goal for you with this series of posts is to get you out of DEBT SLAVERY. I want you to stop working just to pay bills.

Guys I used to be a debt slave.

I worked full-time for most of my life and never knew where my money went. When I lived in NYC I made at most $15 per hour, which after taxes (and health insurance) came out to about $900 every two weeks. So I was receiving less than $2000 per month. This was at a time when I lived with my parents, so I was not paying rent. I contributed towards the rent and bills, but most of my money went towards paying other, unnecessary bills…towards a gym I rarely went to, towards a cell phone bill which was just under $100 per month, towards my student loans (about $200 per month). That did not include food, transportation, or a social life. And you could forget about savings…

My whole check was blown towards bills, and whatever mind-numbing form of entertainment I participated in; happy hours, clubbing…whatever to get my mind off of the 9-5 rut.

And something else about my PAST reality; I was dealing with “bad” credit and everything that went with that. I had made some really terrible decisions with money and racked up thousands of dollars in all kinds of credit debt. I spent countless sleepless nights thinking about this debt. I felt, honestly felt, like a bad person. We all have this illusion of how life SHOULD be; good job, good pay, savings, saving for retirement, great credit, home, car, the works. And I felt like I had failed at life because a) my credit sucked, b) I owed a ton of money, and c) I felt like I’ll never be able to pay it off. And I tried guys. I joined a few debt consolidation organizations and managed to pay off a portion of the debt within a year, but I busted my ass doing it, and in the end I still had more debt to pay off. I just kept thinking THIS CAN’T BE LIFE!

So one day I put up my hands and said FUCK DEBT! Just fuck it! I don’t care. I release “bad” credit, I release “owing money”, I release LACK, I release working just to pay bills, and most importantly I release expectations of what I think life should be like. I’m letting it all go. Maybe you think that’s reckless? That’s OK, but it worked for me. It worked. I managed to SOMEHOW pay off even more of what I owed, enjoy life, AND save money. All while still earning the same amount.

How did I do it?

I stopped giving debt POWER OVER ME. I stopped giving money POWER OVER ME. Money is a TOOL and I am using this tool to enjoy life…to live life to the fullest! This is the secret that most successful people will tell you. Use this tool to INVEST in yourself; in your knowledge and experiences.

The first step on this journey is to RELEASE everything you think you know; to release all expectations. The first step is to be OPEN to a world outside of your perspective. From this day on CHOOSE to be FREE of debt slavery. In fact, I want you to remove that ‘d’ word from your vocabulary.

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What are your thoughts?