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I was inspired by something I mentioned in my Birthday Tour re-cap video, to write a post about it.  In it I discuss using a “problem envelope” to solve ALL of my problems.  What I do is, every time I have a problem/issue/fear/concern that I feel I can’t handle or don’t want to deal with, I write down what it is in a little piece of paper and stick it in there.  Do you know who receives my problems?  Olivia Pope.  

I am a fan of the TV show “Scandal”.  If you’re not familiar with it, the main character is Olivia Pope and she solves everyone’s problems (except her own, of course).  Whenever I place a problem into my envelope (which I actually call my ‘Universe Envelope’), I like to imagine that I have an Olivia and an amazing team behind her, to solve all of my problems.  And you know what?  They all get solved.  


I know what you’re thinking.  There’s no way that works like that.  You have to work hard to solve your problems; you have to deal with your problems head on.  The thing is, I choose to believe that problems are an illusion we create to feel like we’re in control of our lives.  I think my Olivia would agree with you.  



Think about it.  We spend countless hours thinking of problems and their solutions.  Our own problems, when we solve them we feel triumphant.  We feel in total power and control over our lives.  But what about the ones we can’t solve? We end up focusing more on those than the ones we already fixed.  I started a universe envelope because I turn problems over and over, and over in my head (at least I used to, before hiring Olivia).  I used to lose sleep over these things, which then looking back I would think, what was I so stressed over?  

What I like to do before every new year is go through my universe envelope.  The trick is, once the problems are in there I don’t even take a peek into it.  I close it up and it’s done.  The only time I look back is before the new year. Right before, I open it up and look through what I wrote.  This last New Year’s Eve, I was actually laughing at all of the “problems” I had last year.  EACH ONE SOLVED.  I threw them away and made a new envelope for this year.  

The problems you have now, you see as HUGE.  You see them as something which must be solved now, in order for you to move forward.  If you’re like me, then you ask for help from a higher power.  When you ask for help, why not let them do what you want them to?  When I place my problems into the envelope, I am placing them directly into the hands of God.  Even the small ones, like how will I pay my phone bill this month?  Because I ask for the help, I need to surrender the control over the problem.  I asked and now I have to allow them to intervene on my behalf.  

Let me get a little “woo-woo” with you right now.  We all have free will. When you ask a higher power for help, they are only gonna intervene when you step aside and surrender your control.  When you want to control the problem, then it becomes all up to you to solve it.  Why would you choose to solve it on your own, when you have help?  Be efficient! You know what I do?  Once I surrender the problem, I then only focus on my DESIRES.  

Because I’ve given full control to a higher power, I now have the time, space, energy to focus solely on WHAT I WANT. We continuously block ourselves when we want something but we create the illusion of a problem (HOW to get it).  Our desires get lost in the fray because we are only focused on the problem.  

Focusing on problems will create more problems.  

Focusing on desires…will create more desires; more room for possibilities, for hope, for love, for gratitude.  You are opening yourself up to what can be, rather than what is.


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