Focus on Service this Year

Happy New Year everyone! A thought popped into my head recently as I was struggling to complete a project I’ve been working on for months now. “Focus on Service” the voice whispered, when I was feeling less than confident about sharing my work.


Because you see me constantly posting on social media, on my blogs, on Youtube, doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with confidence or procrastination. I often find myself questioning whether what I do matters; who is gonna read this? Who cares? Why is this important? I get paralyzed by the fear of showing my work and creations to the world, to the point that sometimes I can’t get myself motivated enough to finish what I started.  I lose interest and subconsciuously self-sabotage myself. I think this happens to all creative individuals. But I recently learned that you HAVE TO share your work with the world. The service you are providing is your call-to-action.

We all have gifts to share. And yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ and lose out to fear, BUT I’m here to tell you, if you focus on the SERVICE you’re providing, you’ll feel much more willing to complete whatever it is you’re working on…that book you’ve been writing, that business you’ve been working on. Whatever your gift is, it will be of service to someone in this world. Your mission is to complete it and put it out there.

Don’t worry over the result. That is a problem I have to remind myself often to let go of; the ‘what happens after’? Just start. Take any little step or action, and do it every day.

There’s a story I’ve been working on, and even if I have to sit and write for five minutes a day (which usually ends up being an hour or more), that’s what I do. I take whatever action I can per day, and that will lead me to progress.  I stopped focusing on anything other than finishing. I began thinking of myself as providing a service to someone who needs it. Someone out there NEEDS to read the story I’m writing. Somone out there NEEDS to read this blog post.

So, whatever it is that you’ve been struggling to complete (or start) this year, I want you to focus on the SERVICE of what you’re doing. This way, you take the attention away from YOUR SELF, and turn it towards others. You’re perfoming a self-less act this way. Think of it as providing a service to the community.

By taking your SELF out of the equation, you no longer get in your own way!

Brilliant, right?

What are your thoughts?