Creative Crisis

Hey guys!  I’ve been a little MIA this past week.  These past few days have been like a punch in the gut. I’m not even sure what happened.  I could only describe it as a “creative crisis”.

I felt like my creativity went on vacation without telling me.  I woke up on Sunday (the 1st of this month) and was completely devoid of motivation.  I didn’t want to do a damned thing.  I was so focused these past few weeks on trying to make a sale; trying to get more clients, generate more revenue, and it just drained me until I had nothing left to give. I’ve been so focused on working since I got back from New York, not creating. That was mistake #1.  Mistake #2 was then trying to force myself to move past this void, and that totally backfired.

The familiar and comfortable pattern for me, to solve a problem, is analyzing it over and over in my head.  I then thought, I must be doing something wrong since I feel stuck, so I did mistake #3, which was to compare myself to others.  My problem then became a crisis.  As soon as I started comparing myself and my biz to others, that’s when my creativity took a back seat.  Creativity comes from you being you.  If I’m trying to be like someone else, why would I need creativity if all I could do is copy?


My creativity taught me an important lesson.

Being that I wanted to move past this problem and continue to move forward, I had to remember that forward means trying new things.    Moving forward from a place of feeling stuck means doing the different and the uncomfortable, which for me means to accept the situation and surrender control.

For those of you reading this post – these words are for you.  If you’ve been “feeling it” these past few days (weeks, years), now is our time. Don’t force yourself to move forward; take time to pause, rest, and assess what’s going on.  Check in with yourself, and let go of expectations.  This is what’ll help you move forward and closer to your desires.  I say this because, at the start of this year I had a clear vision of what I wanted to happen right away.  The things/feelings I desired, I didn’t get and then that brought me down.  Then I tried to force something to happen and that led me to this crisis.  But then, this week when I took time to assess the situation I then came up with some new desires.  These desires are the upgrade to my previous desires, and you know what?  I would’ve never even thought of them had I not had this creative crisis to pump my brakes.

If you’re going through something similar, pause.  Slow down.  This is the blessing and answer to your prayers.  When you ask for help, you receive it. I already told you, step aside and let the magic do its thing.  This bump in the road is a sign to really open your eyes and ears (and heart), and look for the answer.

I think this “creative crisis” gave me the pause I needed to ask, is this what I really want?  And gave me the power to say, NO, I want more.

I have so much to share with you about my life; even more so than what I’ve already shared with you in this blog and videos.  But I am holding on to the last pieces of the puzzle, for a special surprise I have in store for you.  Just know that I am doing some CRAZY things.  Like really bonkers; things that only a select few have done.  I am going to totally blow your mind in so many ways this year (and also blow my own mind), with the intention of helping you take those leaps towards your dreams.  I can’t wait!

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