To Business or not to Business? Instagram Profile Update

You may or may not have been prompted to change your Instagram profile to a “business profile”. I did not receive the prompt until this most recent update (which I downloaded this weekend). I previously reported my initial thoughts on this new profile option for business owners. I have reservations because I’m not sure what the change means in the grand scheme of things. However, I made the switch…

instagram profile


I am still testing the waters with this new profile option. I hope to report back with a comprehensive list of pros and cons in the next month or so, but some pros right off the bat…

– You have an “INSIGHTS” button. You get to see a quick performance report, for your posts.

– You have a “CONTACT” button. This allows for folks to email you directly, rather than direct message from the app.

– You can include your business info (such as a physical address), even phone number.

– You can link your FACEBOOK PAGE, if you have one.


Now, you can still do all of these things without switching your Instagram profile to “business”. You can view Insta stats using websites like ‘iconosquare’ for example. You can include your contact info in your profile, or review messages via the DM. You can ‘add your location’ and include your physical storefront address. You can also set up your Facebook app for your page, and then link to Insta…BUT the advantage I can see right now with switching is that everything is a little easier and neater to do…at your fingertips, so to speak.


I’m curious to know if switching to a business profile has any kind of effect on how your posts are presented to “non-business” users. So far my engagement seems to be holding steady. I also have reservations regarding switching because, I feel like this can be a hit or miss with little wiggle room in between. For example, now that I have identified myself as a business to Insta; if they decide later to charge for this ‘service’, can I switch back to being a regular user if I don’t want to pay? What is the ‘advantage’ for Instagram to have users clearly identify themselves as a business, if not for profit (with paying for ads, for example). Will I be limited to how I can promote myself, if I choose not to pay for advertising?

I’ve been using Instagram as a ‘regular user’, but promoting my business since 2014…Through extensive research I’ve found that people are more likely to check out your profile and feed, if they see you as one of them. I pray that this switch will benefit me more than hinder me. I will keep you posted.

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Instagram Profile
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What are your thoughts?