You know when you feel like you’re repeating the same cycle over and over?

Making the same mistakes? We repeat the lessons until we learn them. I used to think I was “doomed” to keep repeating the same experiences over and over, and now I realize this is a blessing. Why? Because every time now I repeat the lesson, I do so with a different perspective. It’s like I become more aware each time, of what needs to shift, what needs to change. It’s like becoming a master over the cycles of my life. The more you do something, the more you know it and understand it. So next time you feel like you’re repeating something painful; going through one of those cycles again, remember that now you’re smarter and stronger than the last time you went through it. 
This perspective has also helped me slow down. I’m going through one of those cycles now and I caught myself recently from falling into a trap of my own making. I caught myself just in time from making the same mistake I had done in the past, and it was all thanks to slowing down. When you rush into something you don’t have time to see it or experience it from all angles. So, slow down before making a decision. Don’t rush into something because it appears to be a solution. It could end up just being another band-aid.

Focus on Service this Year

Happy New Year everyone! A thought popped into my head recently as I was struggling to complete a project I’ve been working on for months now. “Focus on Service” the voice whispered, when I was feeling less than confident about sharing my work.


Because you see me constantly posting on social media, on my blogs, on Youtube, doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with confidence or procrastination. I often find myself questioning whether what I do matters; who is gonna read this? Who cares? Why is this important? I get paralyzed by the fear of showing my work and creations to the world, to the point that sometimes I can’t get myself motivated enough to finish what I started.  I lose interest and subconsciuously self-sabotage myself. I think this happens to all creative individuals. But I recently learned that you HAVE TO share your work with the world. The service you are providing is your call-to-action.

We all have gifts to share. And yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ and lose out to fear, BUT I’m here to tell you, if you focus on the SERVICE you’re providing, you’ll feel much more willing to complete whatever it is you’re working on…that book you’ve been writing, that business you’ve been working on. Whatever your gift is, it will be of service to someone in this world. Your mission is to complete it and put it out there.

Don’t worry over the result. That is a problem I have to remind myself often to let go of; the ‘what happens after’? Just start. Take any little step or action, and do it every day.

There’s a story I’ve been working on, and even if I have to sit and write for five minutes a day (which usually ends up being an hour or more), that’s what I do. I take whatever action I can per day, and that will lead me to progress.  I stopped focusing on anything other than finishing. I began thinking of myself as providing a service to someone who needs it. Someone out there NEEDS to read the story I’m writing. Somone out there NEEDS to read this blog post.

So, whatever it is that you’ve been struggling to complete (or start) this year, I want you to focus on the SERVICE of what you’re doing. This way, you take the attention away from YOUR SELF, and turn it towards others. You’re perfoming a self-less act this way. Think of it as providing a service to the community.

By taking your SELF out of the equation, you no longer get in your own way!

Brilliant, right?

Setting POWERFUL INTENTIONS for the New Year

Hey loves, I’M BAACK!!! The New Year is almost upon us and I want to share some tips to help you be more ALIGNED to receive what you want.

new year

I took a brief hiatus from writing and vlogging, to dive deep into myself. I’ve been on a search to discover more of what I want, and how to get it; basically discovering ways to live the best life ever. I started recording my thoughts, throughout my period of travel this summer, and am really looking ahead to learn what’s next for me.

Because the new year is a time of new beginnings; renewal, a fresh start, I wanted to help you create powerful intentions, over resolutions, to really get on path to receiving what you want. NOW is the time to start taking action towards your desires. Resolutions fail because people just don’t take them seriously; there’s no power in them. It’s easy to say “I want to accomplish XYZ next year”, but that’s basically where the buck stops. It’s not enough to just say you want to do something.

You also have to understand a bit about the law of attraction. You can want something specific (let’s say one million dollars), but subsconsciously we don’t really expect to receive what we ask for; it’s kind of like wishing. When you believe something is ‘out of reach’ you don’t really have the necessary faith that it will happen for you. You also have to stop limiting yourself, and allow yourself to ADAPT to those twists and turns life throws at us.

I created this video, to teach you what steps you can take now, to start the new year off on the best path for you.

Also, I have openings for Energy Healing sessions…grab one before the new year, to start 2017 off ALIGNED/on path to RECEIVE the blessings God has for you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Looking forward to all the blessings in store for us all! Happy Holidays!

To Business or not to Business? Instagram Profile Update

You may or may not have been prompted to change your Instagram profile to a “business profile”. I did not receive the prompt until this most recent update (which I downloaded this weekend). I previously reported my initial thoughts on this new profile option for business owners. I have reservations because I’m not sure what the change means in the grand scheme of things. However, I made the switch…

instagram profile


I am still testing the waters with this new profile option. I hope to report back with a comprehensive list of pros and cons in the next month or so, but some pros right off the bat…

– You have an “INSIGHTS” button. You get to see a quick performance report, for your posts.

– You have a “CONTACT” button. This allows for folks to email you directly, rather than direct message from the app.

– You can include your business info (such as a physical address), even phone number.

– You can link your FACEBOOK PAGE, if you have one.


Now, you can still do all of these things without switching your Instagram profile to “business”. You can view Insta stats using websites like ‘iconosquare’ for example. You can include your contact info in your profile, or review messages via the DM. You can ‘add your location’ and include your physical storefront address. You can also set up your Facebook app for your page, and then link to Insta…BUT the advantage I can see right now with switching is that everything is a little easier and neater to do…at your fingertips, so to speak.


I’m curious to know if switching to a business profile has any kind of effect on how your posts are presented to “non-business” users. So far my engagement seems to be holding steady. I also have reservations regarding switching because, I feel like this can be a hit or miss with little wiggle room in between. For example, now that I have identified myself as a business to Insta; if they decide later to charge for this ‘service’, can I switch back to being a regular user if I don’t want to pay? What is the ‘advantage’ for Instagram to have users clearly identify themselves as a business, if not for profit (with paying for ads, for example). Will I be limited to how I can promote myself, if I choose not to pay for advertising?

I’ve been using Instagram as a ‘regular user’, but promoting my business since 2014…Through extensive research I’ve found that people are more likely to check out your profile and feed, if they see you as one of them. I pray that this switch will benefit me more than hinder me. I will keep you posted.

By the way…

Instagram Profile
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Let’s finish 2016 strong…I want to help you SELL SELL SELL as much as possible, using Instagram.

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WOOHOO! This is gonna totally prep you for ‘back to school’ and the holidays…


The Website you’ve ALWAYS WANTED – Web Design


Don't have the time or patience to learn how to create your own blog or website? Do you have a small business and an even smaller budget? I would love to help you with my web design services. I want to create a simple yet effective website for you, so you can have all of your products, services, and content all in one place.
web design
I specialize in WordPress.

Tell Me what you need and your budget for the project, and I'll tell you what I can do for you.

My web design services also include: help with website content, copy, blog posts, social media marketing, transferring domains, accepting payments online, sales pages, splash pages, etc. If you need help updating or troubleshooting your current website, I can help with that as well. Don't hesitate to reach out (!
I created my own pages using both WordPress tools/plug-ins and Optimizepress. I've also integrated my sales pages with Paypal for quick checkouts.
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Laura Yamin - Opt-in Landing page using Optimizepress. Also created a funnel, so only those who opt-in will gain access to the training video. 
Gina Linn Espinoza - new blog using WordPress and Facebook page integration, also migration of domain from GoDaddy to WordPress self-hosting.
Hola Chicos Westfield - simple website with information, and class registration. Paypal integration. Facebook page integration.
Dominican Sunday, Inc. - simple website with information. Paypal integration.



Instagram testing new Business Profiles

Instagram is *testing* new business profiles…They are steering towards becoming more and more like Facebook (in this case, close to Facebook pages), which I think will be a big mistake for them if they’re not careful. I like(d) their uniqueness; if I want to use Facebook I’ll go to that app. I’m not looking for another FB with Insta. But they are taking things slow, so we shall see.

The testing phase for the business profiles includes various features. such as analytics to help you see things like where your traffic is coming from, information on your followers, etc…these features will make your life a little easier in the end because then Insta can be like a one-stop shop for your data.


I question what having a *business* profile, as opposed to a regular profile will mean for your usability and visibility on Insta. For starters, will Instagram for business owners continue to be free, or will they eventually charge a fee for the shiny new features you’ll get with a business profile? How will the hashtag feeds look for business profiles vs regular profiles? How will your followers receive your content? Will there be competition for visibility?

One of my main concerns is that, if Insta separates business profiles from regular profiles (especially if it’s required for you to distinguish yourself), will it become harder for you to build trust with your audience? People don’t like to be sold to. One of the main tips I share in my “5 MUST HAVES FOR YOUR BUSINESS ON INSTAGRAM” tutorial is that you should use a picture of yourself versus a logo…why? Because someone is much more likely to read your bio and check out your feed, because they see you as a PERSON over a business entity. 

For now, Instagram is still my boo. 


It’s free, easy to use, has millions of users worldwide, and is a great way to promote your business on a budget. But if they are not careful; if they forget about the original reason the community is on there in the first place…they will lose folks quickly. New apps are being created all the time and everyone is ready to jump ship when things go south. When they tried to change their feed structure (with the Insta algorithm), most users hated the idea and complained…A LOT. Now Instagram has changed its logo, and once again, people are unimpressed…and they wonder, what was the point of that? The old icon was beautiful. And now this new feature? I don’t know…I feel like they are looking at the dollar signs versus the user experience. Guys, please stop and take a moment to truly assess your users’ needs. Please don’t forget about us! I will keep you posted; let’s see if this change will be actually implemented and when.

Instagram vs Snapchat

Hey guys! So today I want to discuss marketing on two social media ‘heavy-hitters’; Instagram and Snapchat. I want to share with you how using both are going to help boost your business’s visibility, which will in turn boost your sales.

Instagram vs Snapchat

In my opinion there really is no competition between Instagram and Snapchat; on the contrary, I think they work very well together. Now, if you’re looking for an effective way to market your business without breaking the bank then you need Instagram. Do you need Snapchat as well? Not at all. However, if you are thinking of using it, or currently use it, consider incorporating it alongside Instagram.

So how can your snaps help you on Instagram?

  • You can take screenshots of the various filters and features you use on your snaps, and share them on Instagram. You can also share the videos to your Insta feed.
  • You can tell your friends and followers on SC to check you out on Insta…tell them your username. You can do the same on Insta (asking them to follow you on SC). Using this tactic will build up your following on both apps.
  • You can continue the story…so let’s say you share an interesting post on Insta. Tell your followers to check out the continuation on SC. For example, let’s say you’re a makeup artist. You can share a “before” picture of a client on Insta, and show your followers the tools you’ll be working with. Ask your followers to see the “in progress” and “after” videos on SC. Then you can create snaps showing your followers the process, and then the ‘after’. Then, the following day you can share screenshots or short clips of the process/after from SC onto your Insta feed. It’s all about reusing your content!

As a business owner on social media your main job is NOT to sell…it’s to share your story. So both Instagram and Snapchat are super effective at helping you share your story in fun ways; always giving your audience a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse. This is so important to do as a business owner because people want to get to know you FIRST before buying from you, so sharing your story builds trust. Going back to the makeup artist example; you can share daily videos of your personal makeup routine. You can show color swatches of new makeup you’ve purchased. You can show tips for newbie makeup artists, etc…Please consider making Instagram one of your go-to marketing outlets (if you haven’t already done so), and learn the 5 MUST HAVES for your business on Instagram! Once you get familiar with marketing on Insta, consider using another social media app (such as SC) to boost your visibility…basically building interest on your products and services via another channel.

If your business is of a visual or artistic nature (such as a musician, makeup artist, photographer, travel blogger, crafts, workouts, etc) I recommend giving SC a try and seeing how it can help lead traffic back to you…ALWAYS lead traffic back to your website, products and services!

For the record, I do not currently use Snapchat. I don’t feel I need it for my business right now. You don’t need to use every single social media outlet available for business; I actually recommend picking top two (no more than three) to market yourself on, otherwise it kind of waters down your brand…more on that another time.

If you currently use the Instagram and Snapchat combo for business, let me know in the comments below how it’s helped boost your sales.

I know where your MONEY goes part 2

Ok guys, so in part 1 of this series I asked you guys to:

1) List all of your bills, and

2) Forget everything you know about money. It’s time to RETRAIN yourself to use money as a TOOL.

I want to help you create more WEALTH, and the best way to do that is by de-cluttering your lifestyle. If you have not read part 1, stop here and read it first.

not enough

The first step towards creating more wealth is by getting rid of bills. I told you to list your bills by priority, and you’ll quickly notice that many of the bills on that list are outdated. They no longer fit your lifestyle or serve a purpose. You’re paying for a gym you don’t go to, towards cable you don’t watch, towards a magazine subscription you don’t even have time to read; it all adds up. It’s time to let go of those those “money wasters”. If you don’t use it, get rid of it. If you feel you may need your Netflix, try splitting the cost with a roommate, friend, or family member. Trust me when I tell you, letting go of the old (and outdated) makes a ton of space for the new.

Just think of all those gurus out there telling you to de-clutter your space to make room for more abundance, opportunities, and peace in your life; the same applies to making room in your bank account.

I cut most of my bills AND reduced the ones I wanted to keep. Currently I only pay rent for a room (I’m staying with family so I only contribute $250 per month), Netflix, web-hosting for my business (Hostgator), and a pre-paid cell service with Straighttalk Wireless (unlimited everything for only $45 per month). In total I pay less than $300 for everything. Whatever money I have, after paying bills, I put towards my business, and save for experiences and personal development.

My friend was spending a minimum of $300 per month, unnecessarily, and just on food alone (not including groceries). So aside from the food she had at home, she was spending about $10 on buying snacks per day. With a little planning you could avoid this. Think about what you could do with an extra $300 per month?

For all you 9-5ers; buy yourself a thermos and make your coffee at home, to take to work (be thankful if there’s free coffee at work). That can save you a few dollars a day. Here are a few other tips:

  • Shop around for the best supermarket deals (buy the Sunday newspaper and clip coupons if you have to), and stock up on food…try to only go grocery shopping no more than twice per month (to avoid those unnecessary purchases).
  • Prep your food at home; prep breakfast, lunch and dinner for the days you do work and treat yourself to a meal somewhere else on the weekends…don’t forget your snacks! Trust me, a little prep goes a long way. When I worked full-time, I’d make a big meal, save half for dinner and half for lunch the next day. Sometimes I’d cook something which would last me the whole week (like a whole chicken…chicken salad, sandwiches, soups…). Not good at cooking (or don’t have the patience)? No problem, buy BIG MEALS and divide them into small meals. So the whole chicken, for example, sometimes I’d get it from a supermarket already cooked (cost me between $5-$8), and then I’d prep only the sides. YOU CAN DO THIS! Food tends to be one of the top categories where our money goes. Avoid buying anything that you already have at home.
  • Maybe food isn’t a black hole for your money, so what is? Take a look at your lifestyle…do you go out drinking all the time? Try inviting friends over to your house and pop a few bottles there (buying from the liquor store is always cheaper than buying at the club). Are you always shopping for new clothes? Check your closet…what haven’t you worn in a while? What can be reused? Revamped? SOLD?
  • Put all your loose change in a jar…any coins you find in your couch, in your pockets…put them in a jar and take the change to your bank when it gets full.

There are SO MANY ways to save money guys. And the main purpose of doing this is not necessarily to save but to MAKE SPACE…CREATING space for more…more wealth, more money, more opportunities, more experiences. You are saying no to the unnecessary and YES to what you really want. This is a great way to really take charge of your money; take back your POWER!

I travel light in life. I’m a minimalist so I only make space for the most important. I don’t buy or use more than I need, and I enjoy  (and am grateful for) every single thing I own. I use money as a tool for my business and for my pleasure. I understand it is a TOOL to help me in life, and I have power over what comes in and what goes out. My focus is always on continuing the flow of abundance in my life.

No on to the scary topic everyone likes to avoid…debt.

In the previous post I shared that I was OBSESSED with trying to pay off my debt, and in doing so I was only working to pay it off. I became a debt slave. I never got to enjoy my money or use it as a tool because I was stuck in trying to get my credit score up; to build that perfect credit everyone dreams about. Guess what guys? You won’t be able to pay off everything right away. Not at first, anyway…maybe if you win the lotto? =)

You know what? It’s OK. It’s ok to not pay everything off right away. It’s ok that you owe money…acknowledge it and move on. Why stress over something you can’t control?

If you’re a list person, go ahead and make a list of all your debt…everything you owe and how much. Then prioritize. What needs to get paid RIGHT NOW (besides your monthly bills)? And then, how much do you have, per month, and after paying bills? Do you have enough for yourself, to enjoy your life? To actually LIVE?

Point is, don’t just work to pay bills and debts. You will quickly drown in debt-slave misery. What’s the purpose of working a job you don’t really like all that much, if you can’t enjoy the money you earn? Stop working for “not enough”…never having enough…not even being able to go beyond your needs.

As radical as this sounds, I got rid of debt by not focusing on it. I gave my power towards creating more wealth, not towards focusing on debt. Focusing on wealth helped me create more wealth, which in turn help me pay things off quicker. So do yourself a favor and see the debt for what it is, then tell it “you know what? I can’t pay you right now, and that’s OK”. Voila! Little by little you will become a master at creating more wealth in your life, and actually having more fun. Live a little, huh? =)

And don’t even get me started on creating more streams of income for yourself…a little side hustle? A freelance gig? An extra job on the side? Anything to receive more…maybe that’ll be for part 3? =)

I know where your MONEY goes part 1

I know where your MONEY goes…towards bullshit, that’s where –__–
I spoke with a friend recently who told me “I don’t know where my money goes“. I think most people are familiar with this phrase and that’s because they feel they are POWERLESS with their money. They believe they have no control over their money. That is an illusion. You have FULL CONTROL over what receive.


So I ask my friend, what’s your daily routine like? She tells me “I go to work using my unlimited MetroCard for the month. Then when I get to work I buy a coffee and sometimes a bagel. Then if I don’t bring lunch I buy something. After work I usually buy something to take home, like chips”. Uh huh, OK. So then I ask her how much do you spend on average per day? On lunch and snacks? She tells me at least $10 per day. So I tell her, there’s your money. In a month you spend a MINIMUM of $300 on snacks and other BS. Imagine what you can do with an extra $300 in your pocket??

Guys she looked at me as if I performed a magic trick. She was completely dumbfounded. She had NO IDEA,  literally, where her money went. She was so used to this comfortable space of LACK that she had no clue what she was even spending on. I took out a piece of paper and asked her to list ALL of her monthly bills. Everything she pays. List what the bill was for, when it needed to be paid and how much. Next I asked her to PRIORITIZE her bills.

I want you to do the same thing. Make the list and then assign a number next to each bill, starting with the most important (as #1). In my opinion your rent is the most important; whatever you pay to maintain the NECESSARY in your home, because everyone needs shelter. Now, I only want you to count what you pay for in rent (if it includes utilities, cool). If you pay for utilities separately (keep in mind Netflix is not a utility), such as electricity, water, trash, etc…list those too.

Really sit down and take time to do this. This is the PERFECT time to do this activity because January and the new year represents open doors. Let go of what no longer serves you (and guys, LACK doesn’t serve anyone) in order to create space for what you truly want. I bet you have some things on that list that are NOT priorities and are no longer serving you.

My goal for you with this series of posts is to get you out of DEBT SLAVERY. I want you to stop working just to pay bills.

Guys I used to be a debt slave.

I worked full-time for most of my life and never knew where my money went. When I lived in NYC I made at most $15 per hour, which after taxes (and health insurance) came out to about $900 every two weeks. So I was receiving less than $2000 per month. This was at a time when I lived with my parents, so I was not paying rent. I contributed towards the rent and bills, but most of my money went towards paying other, unnecessary bills…towards a gym I rarely went to, towards a cell phone bill which was just under $100 per month, towards my student loans (about $200 per month). That did not include food, transportation, or a social life. And you could forget about savings…

My whole check was blown towards bills, and whatever mind-numbing form of entertainment I participated in; happy hours, clubbing…whatever to get my mind off of the 9-5 rut.

And something else about my PAST reality; I was dealing with “bad” credit and everything that went with that. I had made some really terrible decisions with money and racked up thousands of dollars in all kinds of credit debt. I spent countless sleepless nights thinking about this debt. I felt, honestly felt, like a bad person. We all have this illusion of how life SHOULD be; good job, good pay, savings, saving for retirement, great credit, home, car, the works. And I felt like I had failed at life because a) my credit sucked, b) I owed a ton of money, and c) I felt like I’ll never be able to pay it off. And I tried guys. I joined a few debt consolidation organizations and managed to pay off a portion of the debt within a year, but I busted my ass doing it, and in the end I still had more debt to pay off. I just kept thinking THIS CAN’T BE LIFE!

So one day I put up my hands and said FUCK DEBT! Just fuck it! I don’t care. I release “bad” credit, I release “owing money”, I release LACK, I release working just to pay bills, and most importantly I release expectations of what I think life should be like. I’m letting it all go. Maybe you think that’s reckless? That’s OK, but it worked for me. It worked. I managed to SOMEHOW pay off even more of what I owed, enjoy life, AND save money. All while still earning the same amount.

How did I do it?

I stopped giving debt POWER OVER ME. I stopped giving money POWER OVER ME. Money is a TOOL and I am using this tool to enjoy life…to live life to the fullest! This is the secret that most successful people will tell you. Use this tool to INVEST in yourself; in your knowledge and experiences.

The first step on this journey is to RELEASE everything you think you know; to release all expectations. The first step is to be OPEN to a world outside of your perspective. From this day on CHOOSE to be FREE of debt slavery. In fact, I want you to remove that ‘d’ word from your vocabulary.

Stay tuned for part 2, for some practical tips to use to create MORE WEALTH for yourself! Feel free to subscribe so you won’t miss out!

2015 Under Construction: A Must Read

2014 was such a SPECTACULAR year that I thought the energy would keep going into 2015…let’s just say, while 2015 was not the year I envisioned it to be, it definitely took me for a ride.

A terrifying, roller-coaster ride.

must read

I should have known something was up. Last New Year’s Eve I welcomed the new year alone and pretty somber. I was in San Diego; one of my favorite aunt’s passed on December 23rd of that year (in NYC) and I was still feeling the loss of another aunt who had passed earlier, in August. I was in a state of peace and calm, but also a little anxious of what was to come.

2014 started my business and also introduced my 2nd leap of faith, where I quit a cushy job to pursue my dream full-time. I had a head full of knowledge and lessons learned, and a heart full of passion to succeed; tools forged in 2014, to help with the battle to come this year.

2015 stopped my train of happiness, and made a stop in the pit of despair I left in 2012. My life took a 180 degree turn and put me through the ringer. I cried, I feared, I worried, I had anxiety. I lost. But I also gained. I gained so much strength. I pulled from reserves I didn’t even know I had, in order to keep me going. My creativity and motivation took time off when I needed them to work the hardest, and in turn I reached new skill levels for both. It was just like a video game. I reached a whole new level in my life and business.

Another reason I know my life took a 180 degree turn was because I ended up going back to New York; the home I left back in 2012 to pursue my dreams.  Going back for me was dreadful. I felt like instead of moving forward in life, I went backwards. This wasn’t just a simple visit, it was a complete detour. Every month I thought, I’m leaving soon. While I had no clear indication of when I would leave, ‘soon‘ became the undefined date I held on to. I didn’t leave because it didn’t feel right to do so. Every time I wanted to, there were clear signs showing me that the timing wasn’t right. I can’t really explain it but as much as I wanted to leave, I knew deep inside it wasn’t the time. And eight months later I’m still here.

So I held on. I often felt like the captain of a sinking ship, in the middle of the storm of the century; hanging on with every fiber of my being.

I was being tested.

I had to run through the gauntlet.

And you know what? I did it. I DID IT.

Last week I had a reading with an amazing medium (highly recommended) who gave me great insight into my life. And do you know what she told me? My angels were showing her an image of me wearing a construction hat. It made perfect sense! I have been doing the work. I have been digging deep and changing so many things around. 2015 has been my “under construction” year because it gave me the opportunity to really address and heal what was needed in my life.

2015 also gave me the opportunity to revisit lessons I had not learned. Or if I learned these lessons already, a chance to see them from a different perspective. The learning never stops. We will keep repeating situations and circumstances in our lives, in order to learn the lessons needed to move on.


2015 showed me that this life I’ve created is truly for me. I’ve been blessed with the knowing that everything I’ve done has been right. That I have succeeded. I know it because I held on tight when things were at their worst. Even when I was THIS CLOSE to quitting, I didn’t. I couldn’t. I was ALL IN. I am ALL IN.


Thank you 2015 for making me so uncomfortable that I had no choice but to change.

Thank you 2015 for broadening my horizons and giving me new perspectives.

Thank you 2015 for helpng me muster the strength and power I didn’t even know I had.

Thank you 2015 for showing me what it means to have true passion and unyielding love for something.

Thank you 2015 for helping me give myself permission to receive. For giving me clarity on my purest desires.

Thank you 2015 for giving me a glimpse of the joy to come.

Thank you 2015, WE DID IT!